2023-09-19 07:28:12
Puneti in ordine corespunzatoare dupa cum faceti voi lucrurile in fiecare zi a)do your homework b)go to bed c)wake up d)have dinner e)have breakfast f)clean your teeth g)go to school h)have lunch i)leave home j)have a shower k)watch TV l)get up m)get to school n)finish school o)start school p)get home from school q)meet my friends after school r)make a sandwich
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2023-09-19 11:59:37

c , l , e , f , r , j , i , g , m , o , h , n , q , p , d , a , k si b

2023-09-19 12:00:52

wake up get up make a sandwhich have breakfeast clean your teeth leave home go to school meet friends at school have lunch finish school get home from school watch TV have a shower have dinner do your homework go to bed

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