2016-09-23 10:09:42
Turn the following sentences into the interrogative :1.The dog is running after the cat. 2.I am crossing the street. 3.The children are playng happily. 4.We are walking in the Park. 5. My friend is listening to a new record. 6.I am having supper. 7.We are Talking about the film. 8.It is raining now. 9.You are working hard total. 10.The girls are sitting under a tree.
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2016-09-23 16:31:34

Did the dog running after the cat? Am i crossing the street? Are they(the children) playing happily? Are we walking in the park? Does he listening to a new record? Am i having supper? Are we talking about the film? Is IT training now? Are You working hard total? Are they sitting under a tree?

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