2016-09-26 20:36:27
Dau toate punctele pentru o mica istorioara frumoasa... Make up a class short story entiled "Good comes from doing good".Work in a chain.Follow. Follow the scheme Schema=> Who?=>What?=>Where?=>When?=>What does the main character?=>the problem to solve=>Events=>The happy end... =D Please
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2016-09-27 03:04:44

The other day, a friend of mine was being annoying to girls in the class. He would chase them, pull their hair, etc... Now I, as a total gentleman, pulled him aside and had a talk with him. He would not listen, so a big fight went down. We both threw some punches but he quite clearly lost. All the girls saw this happen and saw me as a metaphorical "knight in shining armour". Long story short, I went through about 3 girlfriends since that. Guess that was a happy ending for me!

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