2015-11-02 05:08:12
Paragraph 1:say why summer is you favourite season paragraph 2: describe the weather and nature paragraph 3:say what you do/what happens during this season. paragraph 4: say how this season makes you feel favourite season-beutiful,fantastic. weather and nature-ot,sun,shines,sunny,aren t any clouds,trees,green leaves, birds sing,warm se. activities-go on holiday,swim,make sandcstles,go on picnics,ride my bicycle feeling-fell happy,lively,relaxed,energetic.Dau Coroana!Va rog mult
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2015-11-02 10:04:57

1.My favorite season is summer because is hot,beautiful and fantastic. 2.The weather is hot,outside is maybe 30 degrees in the shade and 40-45 degrees in the sun.The nature have green leaves,the birds singing and is so sunny. 3.In the summer I ride my bike,I go in the park,I go with my friends to the picnics and I swim in the sea. 4.Summer make me feel happy,relaxed and exiced too. Sper ca te-am ajutat.Noroc!

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